Discover the wedding magic in Karlsruhe 

Immerse yourself in the world of wedding planning, where every moment is artfully crafted. Accompany me through the enchanting city of Karlsruhe, an oasis of elegance. Find out why this place is the ideal backdrop for your dream wedding. Here, tradition and modern luxury combine in a unique way, and I will be happy to show you why your noble dream wedding will find its true fulfillment here.

Karlsruhe - The city of fans and elegance

Welcome to Karlsruhe, the charming city between the Black Forest, Kraichgau, the Vorderpfalz, Alsace, the Palatinate Forest and the Vosges.

This city not only impresses with its picturesque location, but also with its rich history and unique charm. The nickname "fan-shaped city" is due to its fan-shaped layout, inspired by a fascinating legend and the radiant castle, which acts as a focal point in all directions.

Photo: Markus Ott Photographer

Karlsruhe offers numerous unique wedding venues. The palace residence, inspired by the splendor of Versailles, is a picturesque venue. The adjoining palace park is not only a breathtaking backdrop for wedding photos, but also houses wedding venues, restaurants and ballrooms. Here you can design your special day just the way you want it. For civil weddings, I recommend the enchanting "Haus Solms" registry office near the park-like Scheffelplatz - a romantic place to say "I do".

The variety of locations around Karlsruhe offers you the opportunity to create a wedding that will not only be unforgettable due to the beauty of the surroundings, but also due to the special flair of this unique city.

Modernity meets tradition in Karlsruhe

Despite its young history, Karlsruhe celebrated its 300th birthday in 2015. The city combines modernity with tradition and is home to important legal institutions such as the Federal Court of Justice and the Federal Constitutional Court. Culturally, Karlsruhe impresses with the Baden State Museum, the State Art Gallery and the Center for Art and Media (ZKM), a unique venue for weddings and events.

As your wedding planner, it is my mission to discover such extraordinary places in Karlsruhe and transform them into the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding.

Wedding planner with heart & soul

"The moment when the bride and groom enter the lovingly styled location with shining eyes and find themselves 100 percent reflected in even the smallest detail,
has made my heart beat faster for 16 years."

I, Asja Ohr, am your wedding planner with heart & soul. My passion is to create unforgettable, stylish and individual wedding moments. As the daughter of a fashion designer, I was taught the art of creation at a young age.
With over 16 years of experience in wedding planning, I combine trends, aesthetics and the magic of something special. Every detail is carefully selected to create a strikingly beautiful and unique one-of-a-kind.

I love helping wedding couples create their dream wedding with my magical ideas.
My excellent eye for aesthetics and that certain something guarantee an incomparable design with a feel-good factor.

With ALLURE weddings by Asja Ohr, your wedding in Karlsruhe will be an incomparable experience. The city of fans and elegance offers a multitude of exquisite locations, which I as your personal wedding planner will discover and design for you with attention to detail.

Let's use the unique combination of tradition and modernity in Karlsruhe for your wedding. Your big day should not just be an event, but an unforgettable work of art.

Bookings for 2024 and 2025 are already in full swing. Feel free to contact me to plan your exclusive dream wedding and ensure that every moment is as precious as you deserve!

Best regards,

Your Asya

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