VIP - Exclusive

This package is for you who want to put EVERYTHING - from the planning to the organization of the smallest detail - in my hands as a wedding expert.

Sit back, relax and look forward to your big day!

Nice that YOU ARE HERE!

Let me, an award-winning wedding planner, organize the most beautiful day of your life from A to Z in an exclusive and relaxed way. Your only part as a VIP: Simply express your wishes and then enjoy your wedding in a relaxed, serene and joyful way.

I let my creativity and my ideas for stylish design work in the background and put together a unique and individual overall package for your wedding.

The perfect wedding planning with the honeymoon feel-good effect

It is clear to both of you that your wedding should be classy, stylish, authentic, extraordinary, fabulous and simply unforgettable and, above all, it should be easy to fulfill all your wishes.

Tasks such as laboriously rushing from location to location, negotiating with bands and DJs, obtaining offers from florists, photographers etc. cost energy and, above all, valuable time.

You delegate everything that needs to be organized to me, as your wedding expert, and I will ensure that everything runs smoothly in the background. There is nothing better than looking forward to this special day relaxed, relaxed, relaxed and full of anticipation.


During our conversations, we find out what you stand for as a couple and how we can express this. With my intuition and my questions, I filter out all the important details and highlights that you are not even aware of.

From the location to the music to the vehicle that takes you to the party, I will make your eyes light up.

We keep checking in with you about the progress of the planning and any requests for changes - in the end you enter the wedding hall and can't stop beaming because you feel 100% like yourselves.

Customer testimonials

"Dear Asja, with a wealth of ideas and attention to detail, you conjured up a true spring dream and thus our perfect dream wedding! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we will never forget this day."

"1000 thanks again for everything! You are the best wedding planner anyone could wish for!"

"...Asja gave us excellent support on the way to our special day. She did a fantastic job in all areas, had our backs and kept to all agreements. With her great tips, she was always an excellent advisor. From the first meeting to the final conclusion, she was committed with a lot of love and passion. She always accompanied us with a great deal of empathy and warmth. Our very clear recommendation for Asja."

Individual introductory meeting