The Premium package is perfect if you only want to hand over part of your wedding planning to me. I will individually take over all the parts that cause you too much stress. Such as: Location search, design & realization of the decoration, wedding day management ect.

Great that you are HERE!

Do you enjoy planning certain parts of your wedding yourself and realizing your own style?

Would you still like to have an excellent and professional wedding planner at your side who can take care of the areas that are not your thing or are difficult to schedule?

If it gets difficult, confusing or time-consuming and tough, I'll have your back.

Perhaps you've already looked around a bit and realized that the variety of options is overwhelming and you don't really know where to start. With my eye for the big picture, I will guide you through the wedding planning jungle in a structured and calm manner, so that it feels easy and full of anticipation again.


During our initial consultation, we will find out what you stand for as a couple and how we can express this. I attach great importance to finding out more about your personal wishes and then realizing them.

I am happy to take care of all the areas that prove to be tedious and time-consuming for you. Check out locations, develop your individual design or overall concept or be present on your big day as a contact person for guests and service providers so that you can concentrate fully on celebrating.

I will always be on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the planning phase. We will discuss together which additional modules make sense for you and I will prepare a personal offer for you.

Customer testimonials

"Many thanks for the perfect organization before, during and after our wedding! ... We would choose you again at any time."

"Asja was always there to help and advise us at our wedding. The organization was perfect and everything worked out great. We would do it again in exactly the same way and are very grateful to you, dear Asja, for making our dream wedding possible."

"It was great fun planning with Asja, getting great tips and ideas that we wouldn't have thought of without her help. It was a wonderful party!..."


Sit back, relax and look forward to your big day!
We work in the background to ensure perfect planning and a smooth process.

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